Our project develops a tool-chain for the flexible decomposition of P4 programs and their allocation to heterogeneous hardware to improve performance, reliability and utilisation of software-defined networks. We also develop tools to understand and showcase the behaviour of both the decomposed parts of the program and the distributed whole.

Dataplane Disaggregation

Flightplan is a target-agnostic, programming toolchain that helps with splitting a P4 program into a set of cooperating P4 programs and maps them to run as a distributed system formed of several, possibly heterogeneous, dataplanes.

Presented at NSDI'21

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Demonstration of Dataplane Disaggregation

Presented at ICDCS'21

Using FDP we prepared an online demo showing several example experiments that are described in the Flightplan paper. Read the demo's paper to get a description of how the demo is structured.

 Demo Demo's paper


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Flightplan Demo Platform (FDP)

FDP is a portable platform that builds on existing tooling to enable end-to-end experimentation and zero-effort in-browser interactive visualization, to benefit the teaching of P4-based SDN and research demonstration.

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FDP was first presented at N2Women'20 where it was selected for the runner-up best poster award!

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An improved version was presented as a poster at CoNEXT'20.

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A more mature version, featuring additional features and examples, was demo'd at SIGCSE'21 to CS educators.

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FDP can handle arbitrary P4 programs and network topologies, and can be used independently of the Flightplan dataplane disaggregation system.