Flightplan Demo Platform: SIGCSE'21 demo

Welcome to the landing page for our SIGCSE'21 demo. From here you can run the demo and view the accompanying video.

Screenshot of the FDP demo prepared for SIGCSE21: This shows the packets exchanged during a search on the Web, singling out particular phases in the transfer to explain the transmission in different levels of detail. "c0" abstracts all the routing between the client and the various servers, and "s0" abstracts all the various servers (from which various types of content are downloaded for the results page to be displayed) as a single machine. A more detailed view of this scenario unpacks some of this detail.


The demo runs in your browser. It does not require anything to be installed, it relies on JavaScript and HTML5. The video on this page walks you through the demo. Once you start the demo, you can choose an experiment to explore. You can use the "Introduction" experiment to get a tutorial on the system.

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The sources for this demo are available under a permissive license from the FDP repo.



The accompanying video by Heena Nagda, the implementer of FDP, explains the motivations and design of FDP, and walks you through the example demo that you can access from this page.

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